Danielle’s 10-year battle with chronic pain led her to pilates as a last resort to help her be active and pain-free again at age 34. Pilates was key to helping Danielle conquer her chronic pain. She believed in the power of pilates so strongly that she left her 15-year career in corporate communications to bring the benefits of pilates to the masses.

She established Purposeful Pilates with the goal of introducing pilates to people of all ages, body types and physical abilities. She has clients ranging in age from their 20s to their 80s. Some of them are athletes and some had never worked out before they entered the pilates studio. But no matter what, Danielle helps them learn how to move with ease thanks to the purposeful exercises of the pilates method.

Danielle offers in-person pilates lessons in her studio in Northeast Minneapolis, just across the Central Avenue bridge from Downtown Minneapolis. She also teaches virtual pilates sessions that anyone can do no matter where they’re located. In addition, she provides in-person and virtual strength training and fitness consultations.

Click here to watch a video where Danielle describes the benefits of pilates and shows you what to expect during a trial session with her.