Choose from in-person private pilates sessions and small group classes (maximum six people) at the new Purposeful Pilates studio. Our studio is located at 708 N. 1st Street in the North Loop in Downtown Minneapolis (in the same building as Acme Comedy Company). It's the only studio in the North Loop and it opened in October 2021! Click here for a tour. See below for more details and rates.

Private pilates sessions are customized for your specific needs, while small group classes are designed to get you moving and help you master and build on the pilates fundamentals. We use a variety of equipment in the studio, including the reformer, mat, tower and chair. There are no more than six people in a group class. Class times vary.

You must do an initial consultation in order to determine if privates or classes are the right fit for your particular needs and goals. Click here to watch the "What is pilates?" video and find out what you can expect in your initial consultation.  

The key to getting results with pilates is completing at least one session per week. See below for rates. All sessions are 55 minutes. Payment is due in advance of your session.

private pilates sessions

group pilates classes (6 people maximum)

  • Initial consultation: $80
  • Introductory four-pack discount package: $320  
    This four-pack discount price includes the initial consultation plus three additional intro sessions to help you get acclimated to the pilates fundamentals. Each session is at the $80 discount rate.
  • Private session: $98
    This $98 rate is for clients who have completed the initial consultation and three additional intro sessions at the discounted rate and are continuing on with private sessions.
  • Classes are $42 each.
    You must complete an initial consultation to determine if classes are a proper fit for your needs and goals. Your instructor may recommend that you need additional private sessions in order to prepare for a group class.
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    TRX strength training and fitness consultations

    TRX is body weight resistance training using specialized straps. It challenges your core and helps you build overall strength, improve your balance and increase your flexibility. TRX sessions can be conducted in-person at the Purposeful Pilates studio or virtually if you have your own TRX straps. Check out the video for a couple of examples of TRX exercises (low rows and biceps curls). All sessions are 55 minutes. Payment is due in advance of your sessions.

    Not sure what's right for you? Schedule an in-person or virtual fitness consultation. We'll discuss your needs and goals and determine what workout makes the most sense for you. Then we'll develop a comprehensive fitness plan to tackle your goals.


    virtual private TRX strength training session

    in-person or virtual fitness consultation

    • Introductory session: $80
    • Introductory four pack: $320 (a $72 savings)
    • Private session: $98
    • Introductory session: $60
    • Introductory four pack: $240 (a $60 savings)
    • Private session: $75
    • Fitness consultation session: $80
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